So earlier this year, actually this summer, an organization called Live58 contacted me because of a post that I made, here, on my blog. (if you are interested in checking this post out it is located under the unChristian page and you can look for it on my main page under Isaiah 58) I copied their link below so you can check them out yourself.


So along with this opportunity I get to “promote” them and participate in their cause, which should be all of our causes, to help end world poverty. Missions has a huge spot in my heart and thankfully it has a huge spot in my church’s heart also. So I have taken Live58 to the youth, that’s my specialty! So this year we are participating on their Global impact tour. We are praying and fasting for people all over the world. We will also be showing their movie at some point this year and I am currently reading their book. Below I am going to post what we are doing each month so you can see what’s going on with the youth group and continue in our praying and fasting with people all over the world.


September – The United States! The organization is Micah’s Challenge. We are praying for our government and so that they can intercede and pass some legislation to help fight poverty. Write a letter to someone of influence this month and give up TV and other distractions to do this.

October – This month the country is Mozambique in Africa. The organization is Food for the Hungry. We are praying for mothers and children. That the malnutrition rates will decrease and that mothers can learn how to plant gardens and provide their children with the nutritious food that they desperately need. We are giving up food for an entire day and giving the money we would have spent on food to the Food for the Hungry project which provides seeds for these mothers to plant gardens.



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