Well it is official!!! I am engaged!!! It is ridicuous! It feels so surreal. But it definatly has been a long time coming. So here is the story for all of you story searchers:

So it is Friday morning. Ben has asked me to pick something up for him that his grandma has for him. I was not very thrilled because Friday mornings are my only morning that I get to sleep in. So I got up anyways and his grandma came to my dorm building to give me these things she had for him. But instead of it being something she found in her spare bedroom for him it was 100 roses!!!

So I was super excited! I had 10 minutes before I had to go to class so my room mate put them in some water for me and I ran to class as fast as I could, so excited about how sweet he is. I caught a good one. Of course, all of class I couldn’t focus because I couldn’t wait to talk to him and thank him for a beautiful flowers! When I finally got out of class I called him and thanked him and asked him what time he would be picking me up to take me home for the weekend. He said 3:30. Why was I not suspicious of an upcoming engagement? I have no idea. So at 3:30 he showed up and picked me up. When I got in the car I could tell that he had put on my favorite cologne that I got him for Christmas a few years ago. He is such a goof. We then talked in the car all the way home, holding hands, just happy to be together for a whole weekend! That hadn’t happened since school started in September!

So we got to my house and dropped all of my things off. My parents and brother all knew what was going to be happening in just a matter of hours. But still, my dad told me not to wake him up when I got home because he had had a long day at work, what a sly dog he is! HA! So then Ben and I went into town to go geochaching. So we got to Rotary Park, where he asked me out in high school, and began to find out where this geochache was. So finally we got to where the compass said it was and we were looking through the leaves. Finally we found it! But it was not the normal geochache box. I was like, “What?!? This is weird!” So I started to open it and it was a book of pictures of the two of us from when we started dating until now! He is such a cutie! He made that book for me. So I cried and we looked through it together because I knew what was happening now. So then we went to go find another geochache. The next one was on the boardwalk, which is the exact place he asked me out. I started looking because I was so excited about what I was going to find! When I couldn’t find it I turned around to ask him for help and he was on one knee where he asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES! Saying yes has never felt so good! I cried and he cried and we hugged for forever! Then we went to dinner and later met our parents for ice cream at Tasty Twist where we went on our first date. He even ordered the exact thing that we each got almost 6 years ago now. Ahhhh…… I love him! And not to mention that he picked out a gorgeous ring all by himself.

So now, after an incredibly long and happy weekend, I am back at school trying to focus on my school work and starting to organizing wedding stuff! Who knew that this year I would be engaged!? But I am! And I am so excited!!


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