Yes. I am ahead on homework. So what does that mean? I actually have some time to spend on myself. Aside from my God time I have not had much time to just read, catch up on TV shows, and most importantly blog!

Blogging has defiantly turned into my thing that really relaxes me. I have not posted much this semester, but let me tell you, the few days that I have posted have turned out to be the best days so far. So I’m just going to spill all my thoughts and jumbled up ideas on you. Well, at least this is the place that all my 40+ followers get to read those thoughts and jumbled up ideas. And I am going to do it while listening to some acoustic Hawk Nelson because I am particularly excited about their new album they are working on. Anyways…

So what’s been on my mind this last week? Well, I have come to really start to recognize those who are Christian and those who aren’t here on campus and on my floor. There are some that say they are Christian but they haven’t caught that bug that you get when Christ really enters your heart. You know? That fire. Anyways… A few years ago this would have really bothered me, I’ve grown up. But, honestly, I have had some really good conversations that have come from this. Now, let’s talk about the community floor that I live on. There are girls who want to create relationships on the floor and those who would rather focus on the opposite gender. Some of them I have never even had a conversation with because I never see them! (this is frustrating because I want to know who I am sharing a shower with…) This is just clearly a maturity thing, but it is an important observation. Now there are people who go to church, people who are mad at the church, and people who don’t go at all. There are people who gossip about everyone in creation, which I must say has been quite entertaining, what kind of life is that to gain satisfaction from downing others? But most importantly, with all of these observations, I have learned a lot about myself. In fact, a lot of things I never really even thought about.

So here we go. I have learned that I am a relationship builder, not a boy chaser. I’ve never been a boy chaser. Plain and simple, mushy gushy crap is not my thing. I am pretty sure I have wanted to vomit a few times already this year. 🙂 All fun and games right? Even though I have been with the same guy for almost 6 years, this fact does not change the fact that I am not a boy chaser. I have also learned that I like my space. I like my time. I like my quiet and alone time. I need that. And so I have found out that I am a lot more introverted than I thought. Through these conversations I talked about above, with the people who go to church, who are mad at the church, and who don’t go at all. Well… this has caused me to realize that I love the church. That I really love the church.

When you really love the church that doesn’t mean you get offended when you find out someone hates the church, dislikes the church, or doesn’t go to make a point etc. In fact, I just get sad for those people. However, I love the church. I recognize there are problems with the church. But that doesn’t mean I am going to leave the church altogether. If something needs fixed you don’t walk away, you make a difference  I love the church and everything it stands for. I will make a difference, after all, that’s my major, right?

These are some pretty big realizations in my opinion. There is still a lot more for me to digest but I like digesting it. Taking it in a little bit at a time has been nice. Otherwise, I think I would be fairly overwhelmed if it all came in at once.

Proverbs 4:25-27 “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet; stay on a safe path. Don’t get sidetracked; keep your feet from following evil.”

I am looking straight ahead and fixing my eyes on what lies before me.


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