WOW. Let’s talk about the start to my school year.

Worship Night – AMAZING. Absolutely and incredibly amazing. There is nothing better than to be in the presence of our King worshiping with the entire Spring Arbor campus.

Movie Night – HILARIOUS. Madagascar 3 was on the ticket. Let’s just leave it at how cute that little furry animal with the big eyes is. And at how I got to eat popcorn. (popcorn is preferred over ice cream, that’s how much I love it)

Slip & Slide – Grungy clothes, freezing cold water, soap, large and long tarp, over a hundred people, hill, and great new friends. All the ingredients to a great and crazy experience. Will never forget sliding down that huge hill into a pit of mud.

Concert – Attaboy and The Wedding and a rapper kid named Nate. Loud music and great friends again. Awesome. Even though I almost nearly was trampled by some crazy mosh-pitters. Thankful for our “concert security” guys for calming them down. My ears are ringing so I am happy.

Anyways, from what you can tell I am having a blast at school so far. Classes are good, my room mate is good, my friends are good, and God is good. Can’t wait for all that is to come.


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