Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and just reflect on your surroundings. I don’t do it enough.

This last week has been super busy, and it still is going to be. I need a breather.

I’ve been babysitting. Friday morning until Sunday morning, Monday evening until Tuesday evening, Wednesday night until Thursday morning. Meetings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Before all of this started I just got home from a three day camping and kayaking trip with the teens from church… man I need some reflection and relaxation!

I’ve been really having a great time hanging out with kids. It’s been good for me. But I am looking forward to catching up on some reading. It’s hard to have time with God when things speed up.

In 13 days I move to college…. that’s another stressor. I am really excited to go, but along with going come packing… ugh. Lets not even go there.

So I am sitting at the kids house waiting for their grandpa and grandma to drop them off so I can watch them for another 24 hours or so, and I am listening to Seventh Day Slumber, reflecting on my Lord.

“Everlasting, your light will shine when all else fades. The cry of my heart is to bring you praise. From the inside out my soul cries out.”


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