So this coming Sunday I will be teaching a Sunday school class for adults. I’ll be using the DVD called Science Confirms the Bible by Ken Ham through the organization Answers in Genesis. The material is actually geared toward teens, and we used it this last year in middle and high school youth group. But it was a big hit with the youth leaders/helpers and so that’s why I am teaching a class with it.

I am really looking forward to it. I’ve been able to use some material or reference from the book unChristian that I read and have a page about. I think God has a lot to say to us. Genesis is important. Really important. It gives us the foundation to know that the Bible is truth and that our salvation is real. If we aren’t developing a biblical worldview as a Christian people than how can we expect our families and teens and kids to really know that their salvation is real. That’s the basis of the class. It will only be four weeks, and in that four weeks we will be covering a lot of questions about the book of genesis and it will help us to have the answers. Since when has it been OK to not have the answers to defend our faith?


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