Well, I am super ready for school to start. I thought that I was going crazy, but now that I look back at it, I’ve always been ready for school to start. I move into SAU on Labor Day, so I have just over a month left.

Crazy thing happened yesterday. My closet broke. Yes it broke. The shelf and pole my hangers hang on just completely fell of the wall. What’s even funnier? Is that there has been a tree branch hanging over our house for quite some time, so when we heard a big bang upstairs my mom and I went outside to see if the branch had fallen on the house. Needless to say, it was only my closet breaking. :/ I guess my clothes are packed for college a month early. Oh well. What do you do? That’s what happens when you move back home to live with your parents for a year and you have so much stuff that the only place for most of it is on the closet shelf. It was just loaded with too much weight. Whoops.

Anyways, college is getting close. The school year for the middle and high school kids is also getting close. I’ve not been that busy since losing my job but the past couple weeks and the rest of the month are jam packed, and it will be that way throughout the school year. How I will balance school, youth group (planning lessons, etc.), family, boyfriend, and me time has yet to be seen. But I am looking forward to a great year. 🙂

This summer we have had some great trips with the teens already. The best to date has been a trip out to our church’s campground. Teen tent with great messages in the morning and evening, three awesome bands, ice cream and popcorn, and a cannon ball and belly smacker competition in the lake were some of the great activities we all participated in. Three people from our youth group actually placed in those competitions, two of the taking first place, I was impressed. Here’s a picture of our group from that great day.

Tonight all of the teens, middle school and high school, are taking an hour trip with all the youth leaders and pastors of our church to drive an hour for really good ice cream. Like I mean the best ice cream you have ever had. 😀 my tummy is already thrilled.


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