Last night I was surrounded by great friends, lightning bugs, and a campfire. The summer has begun and I could not be any more stoked about it. Even though I still have no job so far it has been nice to have time to spend with family and friends, it’s been awhile.

Sometime every summer/fall we burn all the brush and junk wood we have collected over the winter. Usually there is quite a bit and last night was no exception. A few old desks, an old barn door, our Christmas tree, and an old wagon were some of the pieces on the fire that no longer exist. All of that along with all the brush and sticks from all the trees on our property set us up for some pretty amazing fire. It was awesome, I wish I had a picture.

S-mores and fire pies were some of the delicacies we enjoyed while laughing our bottoms off around a smaller camp fire.

The pool is also ready to go. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and Monday are all going to be days in the high 80s and 90s so I am defiantly looking forward to spending some quality time in the pool. My little brother is also done with school now so this next week at least I won’t be home alone. 🙂

Other than that I celebrated my 20th birthday on Wednesday the 6th and spent some time with my boyfriend. I have been reviewing books and planning bible studies. But now the real fun begins, SUMMER!


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