Well it certainly has been a while since I have taken some time to blog. It is crazy really what all has happened since the last time I have blogged.

First, my boyfriend graduated from college with his Bachelors in Aviation Flight Science and moved to Indiana to flight instruct. Big change for us. I’ve been used to him only  being an hour away at school for the past three years. He could come home anytime he wanted really and was almost always home on the weekends. Now he has a big boy job where he is two and a half hours away and would have to request time off to come home and see me. Did I mention that weekends are the busiest time of the week for him? Oh yeah. lol. So I have seen him twice since he moved down there almost two and a half months ago. As much as I love technology Facetime just doesn’t always cut it. :/ I should be more grateful that he found a job so quickly. He graduated Saturday and moved down on Tuesday.

Second, I lost my job. Yep, I got fired. Not for the greatest reason either but it happened. I learned a little lesson I guess. Needless to say my boss that fired me also lost her job a few days later. So now I am on a job hunt which has been unsuccessful. Very much so. I have literally applied everywhere, even McDonalds.

Third, I didn’t get into the nursing program for the second year in a row. I was SO close this time, number 16 on the waiting list.

Fourthly, I changed my college major. The end of March I felt a call from God to go into ministry. So this coming fall I will be attending Spring Arbor University majoring in Youth Ministry and Pastoral Studies. I may continue with nursing but be will just see where God leads me, the fact that I felt this call made the realization of not getting into the nursing program AGAIN much easier to handle. However right now I am not so sure where I am going to be other than at Spring Arbor in the fall. After that everything is up to God.

So the past few months have been stressful. With every life change above and the pressure of finals from this past semesters I really haven’t been thinking about much else other than surviving. Not having a job has also freed up a lot of my time. Which is OK because it is giving me the opportunity to help out my church and time to be mentored by one of my pastors. This summer i will be teaching a Sunday school class and maybe some other things are going to start happening also. So stay tuned, there will be more to come. 🙂


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