My faith is the most important part of my life.  Below is an excerpt of a book that I am reading that really seems to capture my faith and purpose. (i can’t wait to give it a real review!)


I’m reading this book by Kim Meeder called Fierce Beauty. I want to share a passage that I think some of my friends need to hear, maybe even myself included. (probably more myself)

Friend, God is calling you to be beautiful, but not in the way that the world demands. It was never His desire for you to focus on looking beautiful – He wants you to become beautiful. Contrary to this worlds declaration, you are far more than the sum of your exterior; you are a vessel for the Living God. He’s calling you to take action, to become beautiful by casting down your “princess crown” of entitlement, to pick up your Kings sword of encouragement and fiercely defend those around you who are losing their battle for hope. By doing so, you become in the eyes of the King, a fierce beauty.”

I’m holding on to my sword for life.

We worship a Lord who is fierce and beautiful. Fierce in the way He hates injustice and sin and fights on our behalf. And beautiful in who He is and the way He shows us grace, mercy, and love. As believers we are called to reflect Him.

I hope we are reflecting Him.

Meanwhile, I’m still picking up my sword.


So when going through some old journals I found this.

A journal entry:

November 24, 2010

Everyone has dreams and aspirations, mine are small and simple. I don’t want to be an astronaut or pro sports player. I just want to help others and have a family. I want to love like no one else. I want to serve my Lord.

While I look at the everyday lives of others I think to myself, “What are they really doing with their lives?” To me, they just look like they are walking around like zombies; maybe even wondering the same thing of me. But in reality we all have purpose.

It’s just whether or not we take the time to dig deep within ourselves and find it.


I find encouragement in my own words and I hope you do too.


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