This semester is finally in session. And I can not even begin to tell you everything that I have to do. Lets just leave it there. Currently I don’t want to think about it anyways. I have class tonight and then it is the weekend for me. However I work tomorrow and on Saturday. I’ll have to squeeze as much homework time in between there as possible.

Sunday we have our annual Chili cook off at church. This year the teens are getting to use it as a fundraiser for their events. It will be a dollar per vote and everyone gets to try as much chili as they would like. 🙂 I am excited about eating. But I am also excited to see the teens benefit. All the money goes towards their missions trips and trips to further their growth in Christ. Really cool. I’ll post the recipe I decide to use in a few days… or whenever I have time to post it. Maybe I’ll even win!


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