Today I got up and went to work. I spent six hours dealing with people who want 1000 thread count sheets when the highest we carry in our store are 610 thread count. Now why it is 610 I do not know, but apparently I am supposed to know. I’m supposed to be a walking book of knowledge there to wait on these customers who are ungrateful for my help and who forget that I am a real person too.

I don’t understand why you would need 1000 thread count sheets anyway. I am very content with my 300 thread count sheets. I find them very comfortable. Geez people.

Now I am at home. I helped my mom clean the house since we will be having company over tomorrow after church for lunch. Now she and I are watching a chick flick while my dad and younger brother are at a men’s church dinner. Soon I will snuggle up in my bed and go to sleep.

Yours Always,



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